New Product | Service Management Course

EBGN 576 Managing & Marketing New Product Developments

New Product | Service Management Course

EBGN 576 Managing & Marketing New Product Developments

This fully online course (EBGN 576) at Colorado School of Mines is tailored to new product or program managers charged with bringing innovative products and/or services to market—particularly in an engineering or technology field. Students in this 16-week hands-on course will bring their interests, ideas, and experiences to the online environment to build, test, price and launch their product or service prior to May 8, 2020.

This is an Engineering & Technology Management (ETM) master’s course.

Working directly with Dr. Sid Saleh, a former product manager, entrepreneur in residence and researcher, students will get the hard skills necessary to market and manage new product development as well as obtain expert coaching during their ideation and implementation.

Get the guidance you need to do your job – launch a new product or service rigorously and efficiently while gaining Mines graduate course credit. Employer professional development stipends often apply.

Sid SalehThis is both a course and an outcome-oriented bootcamp. It is designed for new or experienced product managers who want to learn or brush up on the foundational and cutting-edge skills needed to develop, market and successfully release new products or services—whether on a corporate, government or small business scale.

— Dr. Sid Saleh
Teaching Associate Professor
Economics and Business



Students Say

Forrest DenhamAlthough this course was unconventional compared to my traditional engineering classes, the experience I gained was immediately practical. Teams were assigned to real companies where they simulated a new product launch. In addition to learning hard skills, the interactions between the company and our student team taught me to better manage a stakeholder and to work closely with team members to meet launch goals. This course was challenging, inspiring, and a worthy accomplishment.

Forrest Denham
Spring ’19 cohort

Employers Say

Shaka BahaduMines students are exceptionally bright and worked very hard on our projects. I looked forward to engaging the class each week and talking through problems. Our time with Sid and his engineers yielded terrific new ideas for us—not only on the product development side, but on our business strategy. I was so impressed with their output that I wanted to hire a couple of students once they graduate. Our team is super excited about rejoining Managing and Marketing New Product Developments this coming semester.

Shaka Bahadu, MD
Co-founder and COO, Cipher Skin


  • Fully online, ideal for working professionals and full-time students
  • 16-week course (Jan. 6-May 8, 2020)
  • Course instruction on product management, development and launch
  • 3-week segment dedicated to coach-led piloting, testing and launch of a new product or service
  • Test new product or service concepts before committing scarce organizational resources
  • Cost is $999 per credit hour (roughly $3,000 for the course)

How to Pay

Interested professionals can review tips on how to become a non-degree online student on the Mines Online website. Please be sure to indicate that you’re interested in registering for EBGN576 Managing and Marketing New Product Developments on the application.