Petroleum Reservoir Systems
Graduate Program at Colorado School of Mines

Petroleum Reservoir Systems
Graduate Program at Colorado School of Mines


Are you a geoscience professional who wants to deepen your knowledge in areas like geology, geophysics and petroleum engineering and expand your professional opportunities? Mines can help. With a professional master’s degree in Petroleum Reservoir Systems, you will learn best practices and cutting-edge techniques from expert faculty while participating in hands-on research related to real-world problems. Graduates in this program will gain valuable skills to take back into the field and make a difference.


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Requirements and Costs


  • Bachelor’s degree from accredited university
  • Statement of purpose letter
  • Updated CV or resume
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Transcript for all post-secondary degrees
  • For international applicants or applicants whose native language is not English, please review the ENGLISH PROFICIENCY requirement

For additional information about these admissions requirements, please refer to the Admissions Requirements page.

Note: A Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required for admission into the Petroleum Resevoir Systems program.


  • Minimum 30 total credit hours


 Colorado ResidentOut-of-State Student
Room & Board$16,700$16,700
Books & Supplies$1,500$1,500
Misc. Expenses$1,800$1,800
**Cost per credit hour$1,087$2,269

*Allowance for fees based on mandatory fees charged to all students. Does not include fees for orientation, library, yearbook, refrigerator rental, voice messaging, etc.

At less than 4.5 credit hours, you may be ineligible for financial aid.

Berik BurgumbayevI went through a long search for grad school, comparing many options at different universities. At the end, only one choice remained–it was Colorado School of Mines! It is one of the most prestigious Petroleum Engineering programs in the world. Also, I enjoy studying with top professional faculty members.

Berik Burgumbayev
Master’s Student, Petroleum Reservoir Systems

Career Outcomes

  • Petroleum reservoir engineer
  • Petroleum engineer
  • Reservoir simulation
  • Petroleum geologist
  • Petroleum geophysicist
  • Burnett Petroleum
  • Matador Resource Co.
  • Shell
  • U.S. Geological Survey
  • XTO Energy


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Degree Options

Professional Master’s

  • Petroleum Reservoir Systems (Non-Thesis)