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Yu-Shu Wu

Professor, Petroleum Engineering

Yu-Shu Wu


Marquez Hall 221


Labs and Research Centers



  • Ph.D. Reservoir Engineering, University of California at Berkeley
  • M.S. Reservoir Engineering/Hydrogeology, University of California at Berkeley
  • M.S. Reservoir Engineering, Southwest Petroleum Institute, China
  • B.S. (Eqv.)  Reservoir Engineering, Daqing Petroleum Institute, China

Research Areas

  • Reservoir dynamics and simulation
  • Mathematical modeling of flow and transport in geologic media
  • Coupled processes of multiphase fluid flow, multicomponent chemicals transport, CO2 flooding, and heat transfer in reservoirs
  • Fractured reservoir characterization
  • Hydro-mechanical coupling of fluid flow and rock deformation
  • Well testing analysis

Current Research Projects