Application Deadlines

Graduate admissions

2024 Application Deadlines

The following deadlines apply to residential (on-campus) master’s non-thesis and graduate certificate programs:

International Students*: Fall 2024: March 1, 2024

Domestic U.S. Students: Fall 2024: August 1, 2024

International students are not eligible to apply for residential certificate programs. We encourage you to check out our online certificate options.

The following deadlines apply to online master’s non-thesis and graduate certificate programs for domestic U.S. & International* students:

Spring 2024 III** (March 11 Start): February 23, 2024

Fall 2024 I & II (August 21 Start): August 1, 2024

Fall 2024 III** (October 18 Start): September 26, 2024

**This deadline is only available for the following programs: Additive Manufacturing; Business Analytics; Chemical Engineering Processes in Energy Transitions; Data Science: Earth Resources, Engineering and Technology Management; GIS & Geoinformatics; Mechanical Engineering; Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage; Product Management; Underground Construction and Tunnel Engineering

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Master’s (MS) Thesis & Doctorate (PhD) Programs

View Summer 2024


There is currently one degree-seeking program accepting applications for summer which is Product Management, a certificate-level program.

The deadline for domestic on-campus and online is June 1st. The deadline for International is April 4th*.

Please Note: If you wish to begin any program other than Product Management in the summer, you may apply in the fall for that term year and communicate with the Department of Application that you would like to begin in the summer. If they have the ability for a summer start and you are admitted, they will change your application to summer during the admissions process.

View Fall 2024

Degree ProgramPriorityInternational*Domestic*Online
Advanced Energy SystemsDecember 15March 1July 1
Applied ChemistryDecember 15March 1July 1
Applied Mathematics & StatisticsJanuary 15March 1July 1
Applied PhysicsDecember 15March 1March 1
Chemical EngineeringDecember 15March 1March 1
ChemistryDecember 15March 1July 1
Civil & Environmental EngineeringDecember 15March 1July 1
Computer ScienceDecember 15March 1July 1
Earth Resources Development EngineeringJanuary 15March 1July 1
Electrical EngineeringDecember 15March 1July 1
Engineering & Technology ManagementJanuary 15March 1July 1
Environmental Engineering ScienceDecember 15March 1July 1
GeochemistryDecember 15March 1July 1
Geological EngineeringDecember 15March 1March 1
GeologyDecember 15March 1March 1
Geophysical EngineeringDecember 15March 1March 1
GeophysicsDecember 15March 1March 1
Humanitarian Engineering & ScienceDecember 15March 1July 1
HydrologyDecember 15March 1July 1
Materials ScienceDecember 15March 1July 1
Mechanical EngineeringDecember 15March 1July 1
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringDecember 15March 1July 1
Mineral & Energy EconomicsJanuary 15March 1July 1
Mining EngineeringJanuary 15March 1July 1
Nuclear EngineeringDecember 15March 1July 1
Operations Research with EngineeringJanuary 15March 1July 1
Petroleum EngineeringMarch 1March 1
PhysicsDecember 15March 1March 1
Quantitative Biosciences & EngineeringDecember 15March 1July 1
Quantum EngineeringDecember 15March 1July 1
RoboticsDecember 15March 1July 1
Space ResourcesMarch 1 (International on-campus)July 1 (Domestic on-campus)August 1
Underground Construction & Tunnel EngineeringDecember 15March 1July 1

View Spring 2025

Degree ProgramInternational*DomesticOnline
Advanced Energy SystemsNot Accepting*Not Accepting*
Applied ChemistryOctober 1November 1
Applied Mathematics & StatisticsOctober 1October 1
Applied PhysicsNot AcceptingNot Accepting*
Chemical EngineeringNot Accepting*Not Accepting*
ChemistryOctober 1November 1
Civil & Environmental EngineeringOctober 1November 1
Computer ScienceOctober 1October 1
Earth Resources Sciences EngineeringOctober 1November 1
Electrical EngineeringOctober 1October 1
Engineering & Technology ManagementOctober 1November 1
Environmental Engineering ScienceOctober 1November 1
GeochemistryOctober 1November 1
Geological EngineeringOctober 1October 1
GeologyOctober 1October 1
Geophysical EngineeringOctober 1October 1
GeophysicsOctober 1October 1
Humanitarian Engineering & ScienceOctober 1November 1
HydrologyOctober 1November 1
Materials ScienceOctober 1November 1
Mechanical EngineeringOctober 1October 1
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringOctober 1November 1
Mineral & Energy EconomicsOctober 1November 1
Mining EngineeringOctober 1November 1
Nuclear EngineeringOctober 1November 1
Operations Research with EngineeringOctober 1November 1
Petroleum EngineeringOctober 1October 1
PhysicsNot Accepting*Not Accepting*
Quantitative Biosciences & EngineeringOctober 1November 1
Quantum EngineeringOctober 1November 1
RoboticsOctober 1October 1
Space ResourcesOctober 1November 1November 1
Underground Construction & Tunnel EngineeringOctober 1November 1

*Current Mines students are welcome to apply to the program. Please contact the corresponding academic department for application and deadline information.

Non-Degree Option

Non-Degree applications are accepted up until one week before Census Day for each entry term. Census Day is the deadline to add or drop full-term (16-week) courses and the first 6-week session. Please review the academic calendar for Census Day and other information.

There is no application fee for the non-degree application.

Some Important Information to Note

Application Completion

All required application file materials, including letters of recommendation (if required), must be submitted on or before your program of interest’s application deadline. Please contact your program/department(s) of interest to inquire about submitting an application after the stated deadlines have passed. Please contact the Graduate Admissions Office if you have questions about the application process.

International Student Deadlines

International students who have already obtained a visa and who are currently located within U.S. borders may apply using their program of interest’s domestic application deadline. Please email to let us know if you are in this situation and we will update your application accordingly.

*International Student Eligibility

F-1 and J-1 visas cannot be issued for residential graduate certificate programs. If you are on a current F-1 or J-1 visa at Mines and enrolled in another graduate program, or a different visa type (such as H1B), and are interested in one of these programs, please contact ISSS to confirm your enrollment eligibility. International students are welcome to enroll in our online graduate certificates.

Priority Deadlines

Applicants requesting financial support are strongly encouraged to submit applications by this date. Applications will be considered for financial support for as long as support is available. Applications submitted after the priority deadline will be processed only after we have completed the processing of applications submitted by the priority deadline.